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Journalist & Whistleblower, Udo Ulfkotte, Who Exposed Governments Creating Fake News War Propaganda, Found Dead

Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist and whistleblower who spoke out against fake news from government and intelligence sources, died from a heart attack at the age of 56. He was an assistant editor for German mainstream media newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and he lived in many Middle Eastern countries during his career, including Iraq, Iran, [...]

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Monica Peterson, who Traveled to Haiti to Investigate Sex Trafficking, was ‘Suicided’ when She Linked the Clinton Foundation & Caracol Industrial Complex

Monica Petersen (July 2, 1984 – November 13, 2016) was a scholar-activist committed to serving the dispossessed and a clear and critical voice in the human trafficking field. Petersen moved to Haiti reportedly to investigate human trafficking. Petersen died in Haiti by hanging on November 13th, 2016, under what many, including Petersen's own family, have [...]

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Former Democratic National Committee Chairman, Joe Montano, Dies of a Heart Attack at 47 Amidst DNC Voter Fraud Lawsuit

As WND reported, Joe Montano, who served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee before Debbie Wasserman Schultz and was an aide to Hillary’s running-mate, Tim Kaine, reportedly died of a heart attack after the Wikileaks DNC email dump. Montano was only 47. Related Reading: 110: Is the Clinton 'Body Count' Real? This question has plagued [...]

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Seal TEAM 6 Killed: Set Up & Covered Up

A Chinook helo, call sign Extortion 17, is shot down in Tangi, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Within hours, before family notifications could possibly have been completed, global press accounts positively confirm that 22 of the 30 Americans killed were not just SEALS, but members of SEAL Team 6. Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly [...]

FBI Whistleblower (on Elite Pedophilia, Mind Control, & Satanic Ritual Abuse), Ted Gunderson, Dies of Arsenic Poisoning According to His Doctor

Ted Gunderson He was Head of the Memphis, Dallas, and Los Angeles FBI, and discovered (during post investigations as a private investigator) that there were major links and cover ups to a satanic cult, a New World Order Conspiracy, a government-linked child sex trafficking ring, and cover ups in false flag operations. He [...]

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Pop Star Michael Jackson Dies. Was he Killed By the Illuminati?

Michael Jackson died while in his bed at his rented mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles. Attempts to resuscitate him by Conrad Murray, his personal physician, were unfortunately unsuccessful. His death came just days before his comeback concerts were scheduled to take place in London, U.K. Jackson [...]

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DC Madam, Escort Agency Owner, Threatening to Expose Political Clients, Found Hung

Deborah Jeane Palfrey (dubbed the D.C. Madam by the news media) operated Pamela Martin and Associates, an escort agency in Washington, D.C. Although she maintained that the company's services were legal, she was convicted on April 15, 2008 of racketeering, using the mail for illegal purposes, and money laundering. Slightly over two weeks later after threatening to expose her client list, she was found hanged in an alleged [...]

Larry Bland, one of 3 Openly Gay Men at Barrack Obama’s Church with Trinity United Pastor Jeremiah Wright, was Murdered Execution Style

Obama - Wright Larry Bland, one of three openly gay men at Barrack Obama's church with Trinity United pastor Jeremiah Wright, was murdered execution style. Wright ran the Down Low Club, a club for gays to hide their secret gay lifestyle. The bombshell may involve the murder of Donald Young, a 47-year-old choir [...]

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The Baffling Case of DA Ray Gricar

By Victor Thorn STATE COLLEGE, Pa.—Nearly seven years ago, Ray Gricar—Centre County, Pennsylvania’s District Attorney for two decades—vanished into thin air. According to law enforcement officials, he hasn’t been seen since. Yet, is this official verdict accurate, or does the missing D.A.’s disappearance have direct ties to high-ranking politicians, Jerry Sandusky’s Penn State child molestation [...]

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Pat Tillman, Propagandized as NFL American War Hero to Manufacture War Support, is Murdered Before Going Public in Opposition to the Afghan War

Death of Pat Tillman, a complete fairytale that was carefully packaged by the mass media so as to elicit a resurgence of support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at a time when public sentiment had begun to turn against the occupations. During Tillman’s second deployment to Afghanistan he was killed by what the [...]

Dr. David Kelly, Outspoken UN Weapons Inspector Who Had Inspected Iraq Dozens of Times & Claimed No WMD’s, Found Dead

Dr. David Kelly, a British biowarfare expert and key source for many of the newspaper articles doubting the Mobile weapons labs of Iraq (which turned out to be false, is found dead on Harrowdown Hill, near his home in Oxfordshire. Ruled a suicide by the official judicial inquiry chaired by Lord Hutton, now a group [...]

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US Gov’t Fabricates Jessical Lynch Rescue Story to Manufacture Support for the Iraq War

The US government fabricates a psychological warfare campaign (aided by the compliant mass media) on the American people of the Jessica Lynch “rescue” which was fabricated story to make her a "Rambo from the hills of West Virginia" to manufacture support for the Iraq war.   In crafting the Jessica Lynch fable, “The Pentagon [...]

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Iraq War Critic, Senator Paul Wellstone, Dies in Mysterious Plane Crash 10 Days Before He Was to Likely Have Been Re-Elected   by Jim Fetzer (with Dennis Cimino) The day of the crash, a Friday, I was being interviewed in my office at the University of Minnesota Duluth about the death of JFK by a reporter for a weekly alternative newspaper in Duluth, THE RIPSAW. We listened to intermittent reports about the tragedy, including that [...]

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Driver’s License Examiner who Helped 5 Islamic Men Get Illegal Drivers Licenses Found Burned Beyond Recognition 1 Day Before She Was to Testify

Katherine Smith is killed one day before her scheduled appearance in court on charges she helped five Islamic men (one who left NY on 9/11) get illegal drivers licenses. According to witnesses, she veered into a utility pole when a fire erupted in her car. She was burned beyond recognition. The FBI later determines that gasoline was [...]

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The Anthrax Attacks Begin: FBI Head Investigator, Turned Whistleblower, Says the Whole Thing was a Sham

Although the FBI now admits that the 2001 anthrax attacks were carried out by one or more U.S. government scientists, a senior FBI official says that the FBI was actually told to blame the Anthrax attacks on Al Qaeda by White House officials (remember what the anthrax letters looked like). Government officials also confirm that the white [...]

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John O’Neill, FBI Expert on Osama bin Laden, Begins His New Job as Head of Security for the World Trade Centers the Day Before 9/11

John O'Neill John O'Neill started his new job as head of security for the World Trade Centers on September 10, 2001, the day before he was killed there. He was a former Deputy Director of the FBI and considered by many the foremost expert on Osama bin Laden. He was also the whistleblower on secret document [...]

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Influential DC Lawyer who Defended Clinton in Monica Lewinsky Scandal and Hillary Assistant Ira Magaziner, Dies of Apparent Heart Attack

Charles Ruff, 61, an influential lawyer in Washington, D.C., who defended Clinton during his Monica Lewinsky scandal and impeachment trial, reportedly died “after an accident at his Washington home.” One report said he was found unconscious outside his shower. Other reports indicated he had a heart attack. The London Guardian reported: Ruff’s initial involvement with the Clinton [...]

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Alltel VP, Charles Miller, who Helped Create the Government ‘Big Brother’ Database for the Clinton Administration Shoots Himself Twice and Submerges Weapon in Nearby Water

Charles Wilbourne Miller was vice president and board member for Alltel, the company that created the White House’s “Big Brother” computer system. As WND reported, an Arkansas medical examiner concluded “suicide” after Wilbourne Miller, 63, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in a shallow pit about 300 yards from his ranch [...]

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Daniel Dutko, who Headed the DNC Fundraising Effort when Thousands of Dollars were Illegally Funneled from China in Exchange for Technology, Has Fatal Mtn Biking Accident

Daniel Dutko, 54, the co-chairman of the Democratic National Committee fundraising effort, Leadership 2000, reportedly died from head injuries in a mountain biking accident in Aspen. Authorities said Dutko was not wearing a helmet and hit his head on the pavement twice. He was in Aspen for a fundraiser attended by President Clinton. Dutko had also [...]

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John F Kennedy, Jr., his Wife, and Sister-in-Law Die in Mysterious Plane Crash Near Martha’s Vineyard

JFK, Jr. and wife Carolyn John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife, and sister-in-law died when the Piper Saratoga II TC that JFK, Jr. was piloting crashed into the ocean just short of Martha's Vineyard. This happened only days after an NBC Dateline story hinting at a possible run for the Senate seat currently [...]

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Ron Miller Poisoned Days Before Congressional Hearings Were to Begin & He had Already Helped Expose and Convict the Lums Natural Gas Scam with Clinton Involvement

As WND reported, in a little-publicized, little-noticed state government regulatory hearing in Oklahoma, Hillary Clinton, former White House Chief of Staff Thomas F. “Mac” McLarty III, the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown (see “Ron Brown” entry) and a convicted Clinton fundraiser were linked by witnesses to a scandal involving massive overcharges in natural gas prices, [...]

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Former White House Caity Mahoney Gunned Down Days After Rumors that a ‘Former White House Intern’ with Initial ‘M’ was About to Go Public with Sex Harassment

Mary Caitrin "Caity" Mahoney – Killed on July 7, 1997. In the pre-trial publicity surrounding Paula Jones lawsuit journalist Michael Isikoff dropped hints that a "former White House staffer" with the initial "M" was about to go public with her story of sexual harassment at the White House. Days later two gunmen entered a Starbuck's [...]

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Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, is ‘Suicided’ to Cover Up Tailhook Scandal, a US Navy Homosexual Sex Ring

Admiral Jeremy Boorda Chief of Naval Operations Died May 16th, 1996. Boorda supposedly went home for lunch and decided to shoot himself in the chest twice, using two guns, rather than be interviewed by Newsweek magazine that afternoon. Explanations for Boorda's suicide focused on a claim that he was embarrassed over two "Valor" pins he [...]

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Former CIA Director, William Colby, Killed in Boating Accident Days Before Subpoena to Testify that Missing POW’s Worked for Secret Dope Smuggling Operation

At age 76, Colby was writing for Strategic Investment at the time of his death. This worried many insiders in the intelligence community who felt Colby had already divulged too many of the CIA's secrets in the preceding years. Indeed, he was dismissed by Ford because of his over-cooperation with Congressional investigations into CIA wrongdoing. [...]

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Commerce Secretary Ron Brown Killed in Mysterious Plane Crash. Autopsy Shows Bullet Hole in Skull.

Ron Brown with Bill Clinton Bill Clinton appointed Ron Brown Commerce Secretary, partly as a reward for Ron Brown's success as a campaign fund raiser. From day one, allegations surrounded the exact means and methods by which this success was attained. Investigations into Ron Brown's activities (his son would later plead guilty to [...]

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