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Las Vegas Route 91 Country Music Festival (Mandalay Bay) Shooting: The Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. History Kills 59, Injures 527. Was Paddock a Lone Gunman or a Patsy?

Stephen Paddock, the patsy

Official story from Wikipedia (11/1/17):

On the night of October 1, 2017, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, leaving 58 people dead and 546 injured. Between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. PDT, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada, fired hundreds of rifle rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. About an hour after Paddock fired his last shot into the crowd, he was found dead in his room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His motive is unknown.

The incident is the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the United States. The shooting reignited the debate about gun laws in the U.S. with attention focused on bump fire stocks, which Paddock used to allow his semi-automatic rifles to fire at a rate similar to that of a fully automatic weapon.


There have been several changes in the official account and timeline of Paddock’s shooting of hotel security guard Campos. Police officials described these adjustments as “minute changes” that are common in complex investigations.

In a first statement about the incident, police officials inaccurately reported that Campos arrived on the scene after Paddock began firing into the crowd. In a second statement, police officials reported, again inaccurately, that Campos was shot six minutes before Paddock began firing into the crowd. That report had been based on a 9:59 p.m. notation in a hotel security log, which in a third statement was determined to have been the time when Campos encountered the barricaded door.

Sheriff Lombardo dismissed allegations that the changing timeline is the result of some kind of conspiracy between the police department, the FBI, and MGM Resorts International saying “Nobody is attempting to hide anything in reference to this investigation. The dynamics and the size of this investigation requires us to go through voluminous amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture.”

An October 2017 article in The Wall Street Journal referencing the shooting stated, “After searches on YouTube about the mass shooting this month in Las Vegas surfaced videos peddling conspiracy theories, the site said it was tweaking its search algorithm to promote more authoritative news sources.”

Well, of course, Google-owned YouTube changed their algorithm to hide the truth, just like Google does. As you will see below, evidence clearly shows multiple shooters, helicopters hoovering and turning off their transponders, lies and covr-ups about Paddock, and many other anomalies. Let’s check out some of the “minute changes” in the official story by the FBI and police as well as evidence of suspicious activity that has gone unmentioned. Everything from:

This was a tragic event for all of America and the world, but especially for those in attendance at the Route 91 Country Music Festival on this horrific night of October 1st. I extend respect and gratitude for the many heroes who unselfishly and courageously put themselves in harms way to protect and save those whom they could. Reading and hearing many of the victims stories, one lying helpless while strong men passed him by only to have 2 small women drag him to safety, reminds me that the measure of a person’s heart and courage is what truly makes them great. God bless them and all of the victims and their families.

Unfortunately, as many of the aforementioned already know, everything didn’t go as the mainstream media is saying it did, and the videos, testimonies, and evidence point to Steve Paddock having help from some others and that fact is getting covered up like many similar events in the past.

More on Steve Paddock

Steve Paddock was a 64 year-old multi-millionaire who began his career as an accountant and apparently made most of his money when he and his brother sold their real estate business. Eric Paddock said that his brother pocketed roughly $2 million a few years ago when they sold off the real estate business they ran together. “He’s a multimillionaire,” Eric said, according to New York. “He helped me become affluent, he made me wealthy.” What’s wrong with this story is that Paddock only shows as owning 4 homes in his life and most are moderate at best. Not the making of millions with $200-400,000 homes – particularly if you’re splitting that with your brother.

He owned a home in Mesquite, NV (an hour from Vegas) and Reno, NV (about 350 miles from Vegas) that was oddly broken into over the weekend of the shooting, and also owned a couple of small airplanes. He was the son of Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, a bank robber who was on the FBI’s ten most wanted list until 1977.

He was worth more than $2 million, relatives said. Before retiring, he made a small fortune from real estate deals and a business that he and Eric Paddock sold off. He traveled a lot and had millions of free airline miles. As a retiree, he had no children and plenty of money to play with. So he took up gambling. (Washington Post) This creates suspicion because casinos are a known front for laundering money (See here, here, here, and here). Also, Paddock showed a $5 million income in 2015 from mostly gambling and much of Paddock’s money appears to have been spent in casinos. NBC News reported that Paddock often gambled at least $10,000 a day in Las Vegas casinos, and sometimes upwards of $30,000 per day. He reportedly gambled a total of at least $160,000 at Vegas casinos in the weeks before the mass shooting. It’s unclear how much he won or lost over this time span. (Time)

If he’s profiting in the millions, he’s either really lucky or really cheating and casinos don’t like or comp either, but Paddock was 100% comped his hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay. What’s more likely, particularly with all of the inconsistencies surrounding him and the shooting, is that he was assisting the deep state in laundering illegal drug or weapons trafficking money, or possibly both. He had multiple houses, traveled throughout Asia and the middle East, had multiple foreign girlfriends, and lived a very lavish lifestyle. He had been recognized by gun shop owners as the purchaser of multiple semi-auto rifles, thousands of rounds of ammo, and an attempt to buy tracers. All signs seem to point to him being a weapons runner.

The last time Eric Paddock heard from his brother, Stephen Paddock had texted to find out how their 90-year-old mother was doing. It was mid-September and Hurricane Irma had cut power in the Orlando, Florida, neighborhood where she lived. Stephen Paddock, who lived in Nevada, followed up with a call to their mother. Later, he sent her a walker to help her get around, Eric Paddock said. Stephen Paddock lived in Mesquite with his girlfriend, 62-year-old Marilou Danley. She was out of the country during the shooting, but returned (the day after the shooting) and was questioned by law enforcement. (CNN)

When he bought a house in Mesquite, he wrote on his application that his income came from “gambling.” He also told a real estate agent that he gambled about $1 million a year, an agent speaking on condition of anonymity said. Paddock said he was a high roller and real estate speculator from Las Vegas. “We’re up all night because we gamble,” Don Judy, one of Paddock’s old neighbors in Florida, remembered him saying. (CNN)

The Brother of Stephen Paddock, Eric Paddock, was dumbfounded by the news of his brothers actions and said in an interview that Stephen was not an avid gun guy at all.”  Col. Shaffer said his sources estimated he had in excess of $100,000 in weapons. The DailyMail.co.uk revealed his full arsenal with pictures and estimated costs at the end of THIS article.

Lauren Southern revealed from an AirBnB insider that Paddock had rented three homes in the Vegas area for the weekend. Why would he rent three separate homes on the same weekend… and have a suite provided by Mandalay Bay. That doesn’t add up, but not much does as all of the initial narrative claims have unraveled.

According to the Daily Mail,

  • Stephen Paddock bought a Ruger American .308 bolt-action rifle with an 18-inch barrel for $600 from Guns & Guitars just hours before arriving in Las Vegas
  • The rifle was not part of the 23-weapon arsenal found in his sniper’s nest in the Mandalay Bay Hotel
  • Gunshop worker Skipper Speece revealed Paddock was ‘calm and normal’ when he bought the weapon at around 3pm on September 28
  • Skipper said Paddock was a regular visitor to the store and he had served him four times in total
  • Police could not find it after searching his car and homes where other guns were found in a large gun safe.

Paddock’s family insists that he had no strong political or religious inclinations, however during a live press conference, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed that the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, may have been “radicalized and that authorities were attempting to uncover the source of his radicalization meaning that they most likely had evidence that he was radical, but were not sure how or when it happened.

“Did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us? And we want to identify that source,” said Lombardo.

If confirmed, this suggests that there may have been a political motive behind the massacre.

According to Infowars, Stephen Paddock was an Antifa member who was also linked with ISIS, according to an FBI agent involved in storming the 64-year-old domestic terrorist’s hotel room.

Via Reuters:

“The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,” the group’s news agency Amaq said in reference to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.

“The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago,” Amaq added. (Reporting by Ali Abdelaty; Writing by Arwa Gaballa; Editing by Ahmed Aboulenein)

While mainstream media and some alternative media dismiss the ISIS link, MSM have previously acknowledged that ISIS has never claimed responsibility for a terror attacks unless they were at least loosely associated with it. However, in the end, ISIS is still a creation of the shadow government who lies… a lot, and James Brower seems to be the only source on this, so who knows?

WND’s Alicia Powe was able to confirm Paddock was prescribed a drug linked to aggression and violent outbursts:

Diazepam can trigger “aggressive behavior,” “hallucinations” and “psychotic experiences,” which can be intensified by alcohol consumption, according to DrugAbuse.com.

“If somebody has an underlying aggression problem and you sedate them with that drug, they can become aggressive,” Dr. Mel Pohl, chief medical officer of the Las Vegas Recovery Center told Review-Journal. “It can disinhibit an underlying emotional state. … It is much like what happens when you give alcohol to some people … they become aggressive instead of going to sleep.”

As WND reported, nearly every mass shooter in recent decades used mind-altering pharmaceutical medications prior to or during their murder sprees.

WND has also compiled a list of murders committed by individuals who had used mind-altering drugs or recently had come off of them at the time of their crimes. There are thousands of other violent episodes that have been committed by individuals on psychiatric drugs over the past three decades documented on the website SSRI Stories.

But the truth about mass shootings and psychiatric drugs is being swept under the rug by the media. Corporate media outlets face a major conflict of interests by exposing big pharma corruption. Pharmaceutical companies spend about $5 billion a year on advertising with corporate media outlets.

Multiple Shooters?

Shots were fired inside the concert venue prior to the main volley of shots fired from the Mandalay Bay hotel. Laura Loomer interviews an eyewitness who was right by where those initial shots were fired in the video below. You also view her Fox 5 interview after the attack HERE.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon (October 4th), sheriff Joseph Lombardo said, speaking of Paddock,

“…he had to have some help.” “You look at the weapon obtaining, the different amounts of Tannerite [explosives] available, do you think this was all accomplished on his own?” “On face value, you’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point, and we want to ensure that that’s the answer.”

When the audio from the Las Vegas shooting is analyzed, it reveals TWO shooters operating at the same time, not just one shooter. Shooter #1 is operating at 425 – 475 yards, which is consistent with the Mandalay Bay hotel, but shooter #2 is operating at approximately 250 – 270 yards.Mike Adams gives forensic acoustic proof that there were at least 2 shooters. Watch this Video.

Michael Savage call-in guest, Gail – a Las Vegas shooting survivor who was at the concert with her husband says she heard multiple shooters. She also mentions a person being shot in the stomach that could not have come from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel. Listen to her 8 minute conversation with Savage HERE

THIS EYEWITNESS (F-bomb warning (5ish), but excellent credible testimony) encountered the gunfire from the Mandalay Bay into the concert, the NYNY, and Tropicana.

Another caller in to the Alex Jones Show said his friend was “behind the stage” and “running away from the gunfire” and “away from the hotel” and “shot in the front of the knee” and “exited the back of the knee, blowing her whole knee out”

Could the fire inside the parking lot concert venue at ‘Gate 7’ have been a security guard, or someone dressed as security. This video shows a security guard seemingly taking aim at the crowd:

Below is a video showing rapid fire flashes from a machine gun as you hear the rapid shots fired, but not from the 32nd floor, rather the 4th floor.

This video below shows gunshots being fired from the 10th floor, then another video (shown in full below) where a taxi driver captures gunfire from what she says is “about the 10th floor”, then dispatch audio follows where security confirms shooting reported on both the 32nd and 29th floors..

Here’s another video of police scanner audio reporting shots fired from “halfway up in the hotel”, an “active shooter in the fairgrounds” as also reported by eyewitnesses who were at the concert, from “gate 7”, “the center of the hotel”, a “third of the way up”, as well as 29 and 32 as mentioned in the previous video.

And a compilation of police scanner audio in this video below proves multiple shooters:

In the video below, focus your attention on the hotel windows, between the guy with the cowboy hat and the guy in the red t-shirt at around the 27-second mark. I’ve added a couple of still shots so you can more easily find the area to focus on. The green arrow in the first still is where the shots are being fired and the red circle indicates where Paddock was alleged to be the lone shooter on the 32nd floor. You will see the flickering light of the automatic machine gun on about the 10th floor of Mandalay Bay, not the 32nd floor, although they were probably coming from there also.

In the video below, taxi driver Cori Langdon, is at the Mandalay Bay Hotel when the shooting begins and begins recording on her mobile phone. She captures gun fire from both close to her and further away, clearly indicating multiple shooters. Former Navy Seals, CIA agents, Green Beret, Seal Team 6, and Delta Force have analyzed several of the raw footage videos, including this one and confirmed multiple shooters and guns used. About 4:55 into the video you can see gun fire flashing from a much lower floor than the 32nd floor (She estimates about the 10th floor in the video). Some also point out the pop and simultaneous flash on top of the Luxor Hotel at the 8:12 and 8:35 mark. Towards the end of the video she rescues some of the retreating concert attendees. It’s interesting that she also notes a couple of times that people are acting normal during this 10 minute episode where gunfire was going off. Is this a result of a zombie nation that has become desensitized to death and violence from TV and video games? Anyway, interesting video – check it out below…

MSM aired an edited version of the cab drivers video

An Australian man staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort next door to Paddock’s suite told the Courier Mail what his eyes and ears told him about the massacre:

There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters.

Here’s another disturbing video (you can see several wounded and dying people in the carnage and the brave friends trying to rescue and save them, It’s also unedited so there is adult language from the videographer. Just prior to the 2:00 mark however, you can clearly distinguish gunfire that is simultaneous at certain times, but clearly from 2 different guns. It is possible that a single shooter could be firing 2 guns, but it has been established in other videos that the gunfire is both close and distant in videos from both sound and visual perspectives.

The Bellagio Hotel lobby was sprayed with bullets by a second shooter during the Las Vegas attack, according to hotel guests and staff who recount the horrific experience in a newly surfaced video. 

Rene Downs made a Facebook Live video in the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Las Vegas, filming from inside the Bellagio Hotel which was on lockdown after “shots came firing in through the front doors of the lobby” causing “mass chaos and a stampede.”

Explaining that she was in the lobby with her husband at the time shots were fired into the hotel, Rene Downs also explains that the sheriff and mainstream media immediately covered up the Bellagio Hotel shooting, and in keeping with the “lone wolf” narrative, insisted that the Bellagio was not involved in the Las Vegas attack. Rene Downs, who made the video, confirms: “This was NOT all done by one shooter. News and LVPD are not reporting this correctly.” Watch her video HERE and then her update HERE on Forbidden Knowledge

Austin witnessed hearing gunfire and panic inside the New York, New York where he ventured that night and experienced the lockdown during the night. He shares his story HERE.

Collective-Evolution reported this:

We came across a post on Facebook from a girl named Rikki Raulerson who was in Las Vegas the night of the shooting. We got in contact with her via Facebook and spoke to her about the post she had made in order to find out more specific details.

Her story was quite intriguing to us as she is essentially saying that what she saw and heard happening on that night, including what local news was initially saying, completely changed as the night went on. Very key and important details dramatically shifted in the mainstream media that left her questioning what was really going on. She wanted to know the truth of what she experienced that night and began to explore.

Her full post is written below, but based on that post we asked Rikki some key questions to gain further clarity.

When we asked her about what exactly police officers told her when she had asked what was going on she told us: The security guard at the Cosmopolitan exact words were “I know about as much as you do. I have heard 7 confirmed shooters at multiple hotels including the Bellagio.” I do not have any idea how he knew this info, but this is the time they were locking down the hotel. There were a few metro police officers alongside security guards outside our hotel Vdara, and as they were checking our credentials we asked are there really multiple shooters, what’s going on? And the police officer confirmed yes multiple shooters at multiple hotels including Aria next door. He did not say 7 however he just said multiple. I assume he heard this over the radio, bc he was a metro officer.

In addition, evidence also suggests Paddock was not alone in the hotel room. Alex Lasker reported for AOL News:

Investigators are looking into two key pieces of evidence that seem to suggest that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was not entirely alone in his Mandalay Bay hotel room. The first is a cell phone charger that does not match any of the devices that belonged to the gunman.

The second is a hotel record showing that one of Paddock’s key cards was used to access his room while his car was outside of the hotel’s parking garage. Investigators told NBC News that while there are many possible explanations for these two puzzling finds, they are hoping to get to the bottom of things immediately.

Las Vegas mass shooting victim Rocky Palermo was shot in the pelvis during the horrific attack and is now speaking out about what he saw and believes happened, including the presence of multiple shooters as well as locked concert gates and police telling frantic civilians to go in the other direction.

“I definitely do believe that there was 100% more than one shooter, every other person that I’ve talked to that did unfortunately get hit as well, have all said the same things,” Palermo detailed.

Shockingly, he then goes on to detail the fact that at the end of the concert the previous two nights everyone had exited a specific way but on the night of the shooting this route was locked down shortly before the attack. Here his testimony HERE.

One of the questions I had when seeing these videos of other shooters and evident gunfire coming from lower levels, was “Were those windows removed?” Shaun of SGT Report (one of my favorite shows) does an excellent job in the video below covering censorship, multiple shooters, police scanner recordings, analysis of multiple gun fire from close and far away, and then at 7:00 mark covers evidence of removable windows with pictures from the following day as well as testimony from a window installer who had been involved with previous window replacements at the Mandalay Bay who says the windows are removable from the inside. Mandalay Bay window installers have confirmed that this can be done in just a couple of minutes. Paul Joseph Watson, who does so much good for the truth movement, has taken a stance with the lone gunman official narrative. Shaun makes another video debunking his theory.

Further, The Still Report shows long bursts of 103 rounds in 9.5 seconds followed by 24 second pause, then a 84 round volley, a 1/2 second pause, then another (more distant sounding) 27 rounds (111 total in 10 seconds) – not enough time to change clips. Still has noticed only 30 and 60 round clips, but there was a 100 round clip.

Another video from the night of October 1st at the time of the shooting, appears to show muzzle fire coming from a helicopter:

THIS EYEWITNESS shares her experience in Las Vegas during the shooting event at Planet Hollywood.

Where are the thousands of bullet casings on the floor?

To produce nearly 600 total hits on people, he would have probably have had to expend at least 800 rounds of ammunition or more. That would be a huge pile on the floor. Pictures of the few shell casings don’t add up to anywhere near that number.

“It has been determined that he had employees going to and from from his room, and nothing nefarious was noticed.” said Sheriff Lombardo.

Paddock checked in to the two-room suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay resort that usually costs $400 to $500 per night, but it was provided compliments of the hotel (Paddock was also occupying an adjoining room, which had a window broken out 9 windows away from the Suite window used in the attack. Who was occupying/booking this room?). He brought with him at least 10 suitcases (How did Paddock get all of these up to his room undetected with all of the hotel surveillance? Why hasn’t the security video been released?), and inside them was a stockpile of weaponry and equipment that included 23 firearms, a computer, and video cameras Paddock set up inside and outside the room (on a room service cart), apparently in order so he could see anyone approaching the suite. (Was he that electronically and computer savvy or was this the work of special ops?) According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Paddock had two shotguns and five handguns at his home in Reno, and 19 firearms, as well as various explosives, electronic devices, and ammo were found at his home in Mesquite.

Motive. Cui Bono?

A 2014 study of American mass murderers by Eric Madfis, a University of Washington-Tacoma sociology professor indicates Paddock differed from the typical mass shooter profile in at least two ways. First, he was older (64)—the average age of mass shooters in the Madfis study was 35, and the vast majority of American mass shooters are between the ages of 20 and 49.

Paddock also appears to have been quite wealthy, which is unusual for mass shooters. Madfis’s research indicates that “downward mobility” seems to be one of the factors that drives disturbed individuals toward senseless acts of violence, theorizing that “the performance of a violent massacre provides an illegitimate opportunity for entitled white men to regain lost status and forge a powerful, successful, masculine identity through infamy.”

Col. Tony Shaffer’s gives his analysis on Fox News pointing out how Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was clearly targeting conservatives who may have voted for Trump.

Audiokite surveyed 1,308 online music listeners in 2016 and concluded that would-be Clinton voters are more likely to prefer jazz and folk music while Trump supporters are more than twice as likely to prefer country… (and) enthusiasts of Christian country and ‘rockabilly’.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Dr. Michael Welner explained that the massacre was a “stranger mass homicide,” which means that it was motivated either by a political or personal cause, or because the shooter wanted to gain notoriety, such as with Aurora shooter James Holmes, a case that Welner worked on.

“Here’s the thing, shooting for notoriety’s sake and nothing more is a young man’s crime and this is a 64-year-old with no dramatic mental illness,” said Welner, equating Paddock with James Hodgkinson, who attempted to massacre Republican lawmakers, which would have mandated special elections to replace them.

“My point is a spectacle is either designed to cause some derivative impact or to instigate some cause discussion,” added the psychiatrist, emphasizing, “people who commit crimes for notoriety alone are young and he’s not.”

Welner went on to assert that Americans who are gun enthusiasts, populists and nationalists are routinely “dehumanized” and “demonized” by leftists and the media, referring to the CBS News executive who was fired after she said she had no sympathy for the Las Vegas victims because most of them were probably Republicans.

“His mindset is that they deserve to die,” said Welner, referring to the shooter, “So a person who adopts a cause may be otherwise law abiding but he feels righteously justified that the end justifies the means – so we’re talking now about gun control because he committed an over the top gun crime,” he added, suggesting that Paddock was “instigating a means to end with people you’ve dehumanized.”

Asked, “What do country music fans and country music artists represent?” Welner responded, “It’s Americana – it could be guns….he’s smart enough to know what this would instigate.” Welner went on to assert that “CNN is going to have to answer for how they demonize gun enthusiasts and how CNN actually contributes to mass shootings.” (Source: Infowars)

Paddock may fit the political profile as Antifa literature was found in his hotel room as abundant as were the guns. There is THIS VIDEO that shows he also may have attended an anti-Trump rally in Reno, Nevada earlier in 2017, as the person in the pink NASA T-shirt not only closely resembles Steve Paddock, but is approached in the video by a woman (the blonde in black clothing) who says “Hi, Steve” just before the lady in the red dress says a long “Hiiiii!”. Possibly more evidence HERE linking Paddock with NASA via Lockheed Martin, and an unconvincing attempt to prove girlfriend Danley is also pictured at the protest.


There is clear motive in the Las Vegas massacre, however it doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative so the mainstream media is looking for another angle and doesn’t dare call the obvious domestic terror attack “terrorism”.

Hoax with Crisis Actors?

When False Flags occur, many often wonder if crisis actors were involved or if part or all of it was hoaxed. I certainly believe, based on eyewitness testimony and video evidence that there were real bullets and real deaths, but for the sake of covering all aspects, let’s see why some people believe it may have been a hoax, or in part hoaxed. Below are a few videos that show why this could be a possibility.

Other Interesting Facts:

See also:

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