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MK-Ultra / Monarch Programming

Herbert Philbrick on Mind Control: “Man, like an Animal, Conditioned to Respond to Certain Impulses, Can be Conditioned to Respond to Words, Phrases and Symbols.””

In a Freedom Forum presentation entitled “Inside U.S. Communism” by Herbert Philbrick, at Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas and distributed by the National Education Program, Mr. Philbrick had this to say about cybernetics (brain-washing): ‘The Communists, I have discovered, have a ...

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The CIA Begins Project BLUEBIRD (later ARTICHOKE) – a Mind Control Project Using Hypnosis & Drugs, Plutonium, etc. on Hundreds of Unwitting Test Subjects

The CIA and later the Office of Scientific Intelligence begin Project Bluebird (renamed Project Artichoke in 1951) in order to find ways to “extract” information from CIA agents, control individuals “through special interrogation techniques,” “enhance memory” and use “unconventional techniques, ...

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