Kaj Roholm Published his Seminal Study ‘Fluorine Intoxication’ in which He Described Three Phases of Bone Changes that Occur in skeletal Fluorosis

In 1937, Kaj Roholm published his seminal study Fluorine Intoxication in which he described three phases of bone changes that occur in skeletal fluorosis. (See below). These three phases, which are detectable by x-ray, have been widely used as a diagnostic guide for detecting the disease. They ...

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Flouride is First Patented as an Insecticide as an “Improved Composition or Material for Destroying Insects”

Flouride first patented as insecticide: Charles Henry HIGBEE, of New York City, N.Y., Manager of Manufacturing Company: “An improved composition or material for destroying insects”, British Patent GB 8236; filed April 18, 1896; pat. May 23, 1896. (“The compounds of fluorine which I employ for the purpose of destroying insects, ...

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