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Nunes FISA Memo Made Public: Confirms FBI Coup Against Trump to Spy on his Campaign using Fake Dossier Paid for by the Clinton Campaign

(TheNewAmerican) With President Trump’s approval, the four-page FISA memo prepared by the House Intelligence Committee has been released to the public. Democrats fought the public release of the document, which has been described by GOP members of the House as “explosive,” “shocking,” “troubling,” and “alarming” and showing actions on the part of FBI and Department [...]

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Turkish Military Coup: Coup, False Flag, or Psyop Dry-Run?

As Sibel Edmonds predicted nearly a year prior, the deep state coup against Erdogan finally materialized on July 15th, 2016…but it fizzled out almost as quickly as it arrived. So what are we to make of this would-be putsch? Did Erdogan allow it to happen in order to further cement his control on the rebound? Or [...]

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The Secret Bailout of JP Morgan: How Insider Trading Looted Bear Stearns and the American Taxpayer

Nathan Rothschild The mother of all insider trades was pulled off in 1815, when London financier Nathan Rothschild led British investors to believe that the Duke of Wellington had lost to Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. In a matter of hours, British government bond prices plummeted. Rothschild, who had advance information, then [...]

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US Sponsored Coup d’Etat in Haiti: An Armed Insurrection to Unseat President Aristide via a Carefully Staged Military-Intelligence Operation

US Sponsored Coup d'Etat in Haiti: An armed insurrection which contributed to unseating President Aristide as a result of a carefully staged military-intelligence operation, involving the US, France and Canada. The 2004 coup had set the stage for the installation of a US puppet government in Port au Prince, which takes orders directly from Washington. [...]

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CIA Orchestrates Coup to Oust Venezuala’s President Hugo Chavez, but Coup Fails   The April 2002 coup attempt against President Chavez represented the perhaps most important turning point of the Chavez Presidency. First, it showed just how far the opposition was willing to go to get rid of the country’s democratically elected president. Up until that point the opposition could claim that it was merely fighting [...]

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The Commodity Futures Modernization Act Signed into Law by President Bill Clinton which Deregulated Derivatives & Brought the World to its Knees 8 Years Later

In the waning days of the 106th Congress and the Clinton administration, Congress met in a lame-duck session to complete work on a variety of appropriations bills that were not passed prior to the 2000 election. There were other, unmet pet priorities of some lawmakers that were under consideration as well. One of those pet [...]

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President Bill Clinton Signs Presidential Decision Directive 25 & Declares it Classified. The Summary Issued to Congress Says it Turns Over Control of US Military to UN Command

President Bill Clinton signs Presidential Decision Directive 25, and then declares it classified so the American people can't see what it says. (The summary of PDD-25 issued to members of Congress tells us that it authorizes the President to turn over control of U.S. military units to U.N. command.) U.S. Army Specialist E-4 Michael G. [...]

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Tiananmen Square Political Protests and Massacre in Beijing, China   Most people in the western world remember the Tiananmen Square Massacre this way: Students protest for democracy in Beijing, China, in June of 1989. Chinese government sends troops and tanks to Tiananmen Square. Student protesters are brutally massacred. In essence, this is a fairly accurate depiction of what happened around Tiananmen Square, but [...]

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Iranian Hostage Crisis: A Covert CIA Operation to Stall the Iranian Revolution & Spearhead the Political Demise of Jimmy Carter

The following article first published in 1995 is based on extensive documentation collected by Fara Mansoor, a prominent Iranian intellectual. The Real Iranian Hostage Story from the Files of Fara Mansoor By Harry V. Martin | Free America, 1995 Fara Mansoor is a fugitive. No, he hasn’t broken any laws in the United States. His [...]

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The CIA-Backed Pinochet Coup in Chile (Sponsored by Pepsi Cola, ITT, & Chase Bank) Overthrowing (Killing) Democratically-Elected Socialist President Salvador Allende

The Pinochet Coup in Chile where a democratically-elected Chilean government under President Salvador Allende was overthrown in a brutal coup organized by the Chilean military with the backing of the CIA. General Pinochet soon emerged as the leader of the military junta which immediately engaged in gross repression against supporters of the previous government and other suspected opposition [...]

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The Watergate Break-In: A CIA Coup to Overthrow US President Richard Nixon

On June 17, 1972, a group of burglars, carrying electronic surveillance equipment, was arrested inside the Democratic National Committee offices at 2650 Virginia Avenue, NW, in Washington, D.C., the Watergate building complex. The men were quickly identified as having ties to the Nixon reelection campaign and to the White House. Though at the time the [...]

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Paul McCartney of ‘The Beatles’ Dies and is Replaced with a Double by MI5?

In the fall of 1969, a persistent rumor that Paul McCartney had been killed two years earlier and replaced with a look-alike captured the imaginations of Beatles fans and the general public. Clues began to appear on album covers and in music, a lookalike contest was held after the alleged death date but no winner [...]

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The Bay of Pigs Invasion: A Failed Attempt to Invade Cuba by the CIA. Did JFK Lose His Nerve or Did the CIA Sabotage the Mission to Force JFK Into a Full Invasion of Cuba?

The failure of the invasion of Cuba in April, 1961 by 1500 CIA-trained anti-Castro expatriates is generally attributed to President Kennedy's loss of nerve at the critical moment, when he cancelled the air strikes which were supposed to incapacitate Castro's air force.  As a result, more than a hundred men were killed, the rest surrendered, [...]

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The CIA-Directed Murder of Patrice Lumumba, the First Elected Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo who Sought Independence from Belgium

Patrice Lumumba waves to crowds in Leopoldville, Congo, in August 1960. US plans to eliminate Patrice Lumumba went as high as the President himself. On August 25, 1960, a subcommittee of the National Security Council known as the Special Group met. Thomas Parrott, the secretary of the Group, began the meeting by outlining [...]

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Operation Ajax: The CIA / MI6 Coup to Overthrow the Democratically-Elected Government of Iran and Replace It with a Controlled Dictatorship

Operation Ajax (Declassified in 2013 / censored in 2012?) was a covert operation by the US and British intelligence agencies to topple Iran's first democratically-elected government and replace it with a controlled dictatorship by posing as communists to plant bombs and threaten Iranians opposed to democratically elected people who didn’t support Mohammad Mossadegh. It was [...]

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The Zionist State of Israel is Created Fulfilling Biblical Prophecy? Or Was it an Elaborate Scam?

In the late 1800s a small, fanatic movement called “political Zionism” began in Europe. Its goal was to create a Jewish state somewhere in the world. Its leaders settled on the ancient and long-inhabited land of Palestine for the location of this state. Palestine's population at this time was approximately ninety-six percent non-Jewish (primarily Muslim [...]

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The 1933 ‘Business Plot’: Smedley Butler Blows the Whistle on a Group of Wealthy Industrialists and Bankers Planning a Coup to Overthrow FDR & the Government

An outstanding Major General of the Marine Corps, Smedley Butler, became involved in a controversy known as the Business Plot, when he told a congressional committee that a group of wealthy industrialists (including Goodyear, US Steel, JP Morgan, Heinz, and Maxwell House) were planning a military coup to overthrow the US government & FDR, with Butler selected to lead a [...]

The ‘Sinking of the Titanic’ Insurance Scam? Was JP Morgan’s Sunk Ship Actually the Titanic’s Nearly Identical Sister Ship, the Olympic?

"The surviving crew were detained overnight and forced to sign a pledge under the  'Official Secrets Act', promising to keep secret forever, the actual events of the night of 14th / 15th April, 1912" Interestingly, a book was written 14 years previous to the sinking of the Titanic about a ship called the [...]

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The JP Morgan led Bank Panic of 1907: A Financial Coup to Trick the Government and People that a Central Bank was Necessary

The mother of all insider trades was pulled off in 1815, when London financier Nathan Rothschild led British investors to believe that the Duke of Wellington had lost to Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. In a matter of hours, British government bond prices plummeted. Rothschild, who had advance information, then swiftly bought up the [...]

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Oliver Cromwell and the Beheading of King Charles I – Financed by the Jewish Bankers

JEWISH BANKERS FROM AMSTERDAM led by the Jewish financier and army contractor of Cromwell’s New Model Army, Fernandez Carvajal and assisted by Portuguese Ambassador De Souza, a Marano (secret Jew), saw an opportunity to exploit in the civil unrest led by Oliver Cromwell in 1643. A stable Christian society of ancient traditions binding the Monarchy, [...]

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