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It’s becoming impossible to find true history on the internet with the censorship of Google, Wikipedia, and almost every other website of significance. They all echo the official narrative. Most alternative websites have dozens of articles that covered recent events that you would have to did through to discover the whole true story, or those covering historical events may have articles on certain events, but are often difficult to find so the objective of HistoryBud is to create a chronological history of events that most likely did not happen as we have been taught in our history books. The word ‘history’ comes from the Greek word historia meaning “knowledge acquired by inquiry or investigation,” so HistoryBud.com is alternative history where investigations by investigative journalists, historians, and other researchers of the official account tell a different story than the official narrative.

The official narratives are often meant to divert the public from the truth and alternative media has been under attack by the deep state controlled media deeming anything that contradicts the official narrative as fake news. Not only does the Deep State own and control the propaganda put out by mainstream media, History Channel, Discovery, etc., but they have also leveraged themselves as the senior editors of Wikipedia while CIA funded and controlled Google have modified their algorithms to eliminate alternative media and history from the first several pages of searches on Google. YouTube (also Google owned) has attempted to demonetize alternative and conservative videos from media ad revenue for numerous accounts that have not violated any terms of use. Censorship has been occurring in the media for many years and the establishment has been able to maintain the illusion of a free press in spite of whistleblowers who cannot get their stories out except via alternative media or books they must often self-publish.

Because we have been conditioned to believe conspiracies are the thinking of nut jobs and crazy people (thanks to the CIA following the JFK assassination), we are faced with cognitive dissonance when we discover these truths because it conflicts with our old beliefs, although they are incorrect. Our minds are filled with lies taught to us in schools because the education system was infiltrated and manipulated to anti-Christian values and false knowledge about many things. The more lies and pseudoscience we believe, the more knowledge they can keep for themselves. Also, the less Christian morals and values that are taught and obeyed, then the more corruptible the population and easily deceived towards becoming ruled by them. Satan has a counterfeit for all of God’s true principles. Today we worship the false God’s of riches, power, and materialism. Perhaps we don’t need to have an implanted chip in our forehead or hand, rather we have already fulfilled this symbology of worshiping the beast by our actions (forehead represents our thoughts and hands represent our actions as we do with our hands).

Knowledge is a key to choosing wisely. As we choose wisely, we gain more liberty and freedom, but as we choose unwisely (infidelity, drugs, etc.) then we have less liberty and freedom because we become enslaved to these sins that can control us. Satan wants to take away all of these (knowledge, liberty, and freedom) because that’s what the war in Heaven was all about – our free agency here on earth. Jesus Christ had a plan that allows us to choose for ourselves the path we will take on this earth to see if will choose wisely and return back to Heaven, while Satan chose to try to destroy our agency. Perhaps a plan to force us all to follow him, but he would get all of the glory for himself.

It is important to know and understand our enemy, Satan, and those whom he enlists here on the earth to do his evil work and build his counterfeit kingdom. As with any good general, coach, or athlete – we must know our enemy. Sun Tzu said in ‘The Art of War’: ”

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

We are in a battle every day against this powerful enemy and we must study the many tactics he uses to attack us mentally, spiritually, and physically. If we know and understand true history, we can and will see that the conspirators are doing exactly what they said they were going to do a couple of hundred years ago. We’ll see through their lies and deception and be able to resist tyranny with truth and liberty.